A Sigh (Fiction)

It ends with a sigh; an escape of breath lilting gaily away. Depleted lungs sink with depression, yearning to rise and be reunited with the scent of life. However, it cannot be so. Unable to retract the breath, now free to dance away, the lungs accept their crushing defeat. Muscles cease to tremble and stillness washes over. The steady heart beats no more as the lungs lie frozen in the deafening silence, a silence cool to the touch. With reluctant submission, the lungs sigh no more.

That final breath, a sigh, finds itself free of its soft pink cell. It ambles blindly into the unknown. Becomes a pocket of a past life greeting an array of intoxicating sounds and colours. It finds itself attracted to the vibrant green sheaths surrounding thin blades of grass. Drawn towards the milky blue horizon dappled in bingo daubs of white. It soars high above the faceless people below, avoiding the entrapment of their open mouths. All while listening to the murmuring wind whisper soft secrets the sigh spirals silkily through the sky.

In an unguided journey this breath, a sigh, melts into its surroundings. It becomes one with the rough ridges of a coarse brick, adding support to a looming structure before slithering away with seductive strides. It continues on and lightly bounds through the branches of a willow. Encapsulating the thin branches it passes the tree is left with a lingering sensation, a momentary feeling already wilting away.

The life of this pocket extends formless fingertips grazing lightly over everything it reaches. But, already the bright colours begin to fade and the compacted remains of a life once lived begin to lose its grasp. Expanding in width the linked hands lose hold and separate from the pack. As the individual pieces of this breath flutter away they settle into their surroundings, becoming a detail, an element, of the wonders previously looked upon. The memories they once contained, the secrets they kept, and the person they once were, dissolves into the vast landscape.

The breath, a sigh, ceases to exist.


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